Almaks - aluminum plant

We produce aluminum profile

From the application to the finished product for 21 working days or matrix at our expense. Best price is 3.80$ per kilo of any profile.
We also extrude, cut and anodize.
Profile of any complexity
high technology equipment
- gas furnace of gradient heating of billets ;

- intelligent scissors cutting the workpiece;

- the transmission manipulator cuts billet from press;

- modern computerized press with a force of 1,000 tons with a diameter of 5" inches with a parameter controller.
We invite you to visit our manufacture
LLC Almaks invites you to visit our manufacture to see for yourself the quality of the products.
Алюминий АД30, АД31, АД31Т
Quality raw material
We work directly with suppliers of raw materials. There is always a stock of primary aluminum AD31, AD33 (6060 and 6063) to meet the needs of our customers.
500 tons per month
Production capacity of our plant. We can satisfy any customer's need.
Завод алюминиевого профиля
Anodizing of aluminium - coating aluminium profile protective sheath with a thickness of 15-25 microns in a colour of your choice.
We will execute the order for 21 working days or the matrix at our expense!
Why we are?
Own production
Work without intermediaries, do not overpay for the services of third parties.
500 tons per month
The production capacity of the plant allows to satisfy the request of any client.
Smart equipment
Reduces production costs and downtime.
ISO 9001: 2008
all products manufactured at the production facility meet the Russian standards 22233-2001 and 8617-81 and ISO 9001:2008
Quality control
All products manufactured from the plant pass the output control before sending to the client.
Free matrix
We will make a discount on the order in the amount of the cost of the matrix in case of violation of the contract.
Order the calculation of the cost and get the drawings for free
If you do not have a drawing, our engineers will prepare a drawing according to your sketch.
By clicking "order calculation", I give my consent to the processing of personal data (name, e-mail)
+7 (495) 018-0295

Russian Federation, Voronezh, Zemliachky str. 1

LLC Almaks

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